Theatre Studio

Acting for children can become an integral part of their overall development. Someone sees himself or herself as an actor and will continue to move in this direction when they grow up. Someone will use their skills in a different profession and just in everyday life. After all, the whole world is a theatre!

Theatre Studio classes at Okeshka Preschool will start on 18th February 2017.

Schedule of Lessons

Saturday and Sunday (11.00 a.m.) – a group for children aged 7-9 years old
Saturday and Sunday (12.00 a.m.) – a group of children aged 10-14 years old

Lesson duration: 1 hour
Cost per month: 1,000 hryvnias

During our acting classes, every child will learn how to:

  • Use all kinds of stage attention;
  • Get their bearings and act in scenic area;
  • Truthfully and accurately reproduce the simplest physical actions;
  • Organically and naturally exist in the proposed circumstances;
  • Improvise;
  • Interact with a partner on stage.

Moreover, they will:

  • Acquaint themselves with the theatre as an art;
  • Remove psychological suppression and muscular tension;
  • Develop their personality and creativity.

Besides, children will also get a basic theoretical knowledge about:

  • Stage etudes and their dramatic composition;
  • Making an etude script and its writing form;
  • Expressive means of stage acting and their varieties;
  • Supporting role and internal monologue;
  • Plot and its structure;
  • The role of a genre and style in dramatic art.

Our Theatre Studio classes are conducted by Vitalii Azhnov:

  • First-class actor of the Golden Gate Theatre;
  • Film actor;
  • Participated in many theatre festivals and competitions;
  • Holds a Diploma of the Best Actor of the festival in Beijing.

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