• Choreography Studio “Releve”

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    Dancing does not mean just a set of movements. Dancing is a lifestyle. It is a freedom of expression and freedom of your body. To learn how to control your body (if not to become a world dance star) is useful for everyone, so our dance studio invites both children and adults to master classic chortography.

    Our students have successfully presented such plays as the ballet «Maugliana», «The Pumpkin Walks around the Garden», «The Fly-Tsokotukha», and musicals «The Snow Queen» and «Alice in Wonderland».

    Age: 3-16 years

    • 900 UAH per month (2 times a week)
    • 1200 UAH per month (3 times a week)
    • 1500 UAH per month (4 times a week)

    Duration of one class: 60 minutes

    Releve Choreography Studio is the very place where you and your children will feel free. We will be happy to welcome you into our family and share the knowledge and skills we have with you! Let’s dance together!

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