About Okeshka

“TRIED AND TRUE” is a phrase that captures both how children learn in this world … as well as a philosophy for taking what works and applying it in new ways and new places.

Оkeshka is a pre-school for children, developed on the principles that a strong foundation in early life will serve a child through his or her whole life. Our learn-by-doing curriculum is based on the best practices of Ukrainian, European and American pre-schools and kindergartens.

Okeshka offers an integrated approach to develop the mind, body and spirit of our youngest and most special students. Our aim is to stimulate young brains, and get them engages, active and problem solving, so they are prepared to truly learn when they enter the 1st class.

Younger children learn through play, interaction and movement. Our space and classrooms are designed to get our children learning in a variety of interconnected ways including visual art, motion, sight, sound, touch and more.

All classes are conducted by qualified teachers, in our bright, beautiful and loving space. Okeshka is located in a separate, specifically designed area of our larger DIM MK cultural and educational center. Recently renovated, the Club is designed and decorated for our smallest students – from walls that seem to dance with lively and inspiring artwork, to children’s washrooms and sports halls – all spaces are secure and safe and meant for curiosity and exploration.

We offer morning programs that alternate study with movement to enhance learning and overall well-being. Children rotate through learning focused classes in English, Ukrainian and Math, and movement focused classes in Music, Dance, Sport and Theater.

Children are grouped by age – 3 & 4 and 5, 6 & 7 – for age appropriate learning and play.


Our curriculum includes mental, physical, social and cultural learning. We “study” Ukrainian, English, and math and we “enjoy” music, visual art and crafts, dance, logic, gymnastics/ physical education, and learning how to make friends.


Up to 8 children


Our children speak a variety of languages – Ukrainian, English and Russian – and so do we!


  • Author programms and methods
  • Multinational environment
  • Education on 3 languages
  • Teachers with the knowledge of English
  • Desighned and unique classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Historical centre of Kyiv
  • Security
  • Nurse


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